Client Feature

My Momma Rosie. There’s no-one like your mother. And that even goes if she’s a client. My mom, obviously, has been with me since I started in my basement. She’s a nurse/nurse manager, mother, grandmother, wife and sister and so much more. Beyond her daily job duties, she’s on call 24/7 for every family member […]

Flip it, and reverse it.

It’s true. I’m all over the place. Or it seems that way lately. If you’re following the blogs, you may have been seeing some topics and discussions that contradict previous claims I’ve made into past. Maybe you think I’m flip flopping all over. I’m not though. Stick with me here. It simply is me becoming […]


HIIT has been the craze for some time now. And there are so many offering of HIIT to choose from. Don’t get me wrong, any training that gets people moving consistently and exercising is better than not doing anything. But for years it has been touted as the way to go to “burn fat and […]

Here’s the best way to lose weight!!

Here’s another best way to lose weight! Listen up because this is sure to make to lose weight. First thing you definitely want to do is cut out a specific food group. Then you’re going to want to randomly fast, not all the time, just a few times here and there. And then you’re going […]

It’s Time!

This is the time. The only better time was yesterday. The next best time is today. Its Monday, fresh start of the week. Put the past weeks, months even years behind you. And press on. Do something different. Do something uncomfortable. Challenge yourself to do better. Challenge yourself to be better. Challenge yourself to LIVE […]

Best Morning Routine

This is how you should start your morning every day. F’ing around. I can’t take myself serious here, but I’m definitely ready for a magazine cover. But lets talk morning routine. Start your day with: 5 shots of apple cider vinegar stretch by grabbing ankle and pointing anus to the sun speed read 100 pages […]

I was dead wrong…

Yes, you read that correctly. I was wrong. I can admit it. In fact, I was wrong about much in my short life already. I can honestly say that it wasn’t my fault though. And I know what you may be thinking, “Matt, you preach about taking responsibility.” I do, but it wasn’t just me […]

5 things I learned…

The last few years have taught us many lessons. Navigating COVID has been a learning experience for everyone, especially the small business owner. But lesson are there to be learned everyday; some bigger than others. The last 3 years since the beginning of COVID have been an up and down experience to say the least. […]

Love & Forgive

That’s all I do is screw up. I’m never gonna learn. And on and on with that kind of negative, self deprecating talk. It never did do me any good. All it did was perpetuate more negativity toward myself. It’s not to say that that doesn’t creep in out of habits developed over years, but […]

3 things I do to stay under 15% BF

For many guys, getting to 15% body fat is a goal of theirs. I have for a good part of my life, and especially the last few years lived consistently at around 15% body fat while regularly while eating my favorites like pizza, ice cream cake and French fries. So how is that you ask? […]

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