But it’s the Super Bowl…

This week’s blogs have been about starting.

And this weekend offers the biggest excuse we can tell ourselves for not starting.

Its’s the super bowl.

The party of party’s.

Even those who don’t watch or follow football will be glued to the tv’s, at get togethers with friends and family and indulging in chips, dips and spirits of some sort.

And that’s fine.

Unless it’s your reason to not get started with something.

Unless it’s the same excuse you have told yourself time and time again when you want to get your health and fitness going.

And I’m with you.

My biggest obstacle is my mouth.

Well its actually saying no to all the snacks at events like this.

I tend to overindulge on these days, and that kills my work and discipline throughout the week.

So look, I get it.

That doesn’t mean that I am going to wait till Monday stick to my numbers.

I’m on a program with my clients and have yet to commit 100% to my success.

And it shows.

it would be easy and understood by most to put off the commit I need to attain my goals, just one day to “enjoy myself.”

But the reality is I can enjoy myself without going overboard.

I don’t have to go “off the rails.”

I don’t have to have all the dips.

I don’t have to have multiple cocktails.

I don’t have to have 3 slices of pizza.

And I can still enjoy myself.

I can START, by giving myself small goals for the day.

I can have a drink.

I can have some dip.

I can have a slice of pizza.

But I can’t have it all.

If you want something you have to make sacrifices.

You have to give up in order to get ahead.

Its just the way it is.

For my entire life, I’ve tried to have it all and do it all.


We can have a lot.

But we cannot have it all.

And if you want to look better,

if you want to feel better,

and if you want to be at your best,

you have to start somewhere.

Putting it off till Monday because it’s the super bowl is just repeating the same behaviors that have gotten you where you are now.

Unhappy, unconfident, lethargic and uneasy with your body.

So why not challenge yourself and start today.

Start with weekend with silencing the excuses, your inner critic and the doubts that you can’t simply because you haven’t yet.

Heck the game you are going to be watching has never had a second year quarterback in the super bowl, but here we are.

Leave your excuses behind, and start to take control of your health, fitness and your goals.

Set your limits for the game, day, or weekend.

Then stick to them.

It has to start somewhere, sometime, somehow.

So why not now?

You got this.

Remember we get results.

Or we have excuses.

Your choice.

Let’s do this.

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