I certainly am scared.

We all are.

No matter how tough or strong we think we are, we are all “a-scared’ of something.

And right now I am, or I was anyway.

COVID has had so many different affects since it started.

And to be honest, I didn’t think it had any effect of me other than stalling my business.

But I was wrong.

In recent conversations with my accountant, a mentor and others in the industry, one thing was blatantly obvious.

I needed to get out more.

That was never something that was a problem for me.

I was what some would’ve called a social butterfly back in the day.

I was always out.

Always around people.

Always afraid of missing out.

And sure getting married and settling done can have that affect as well.

And so can having a child.

But never in my life have I been anxious to get out and meet people.

Any of my old friends can attest to that.

I was always mingling with people; to the point my friends would often leave me because they knew I would be chatting it up with someone.

But the idea of getting back out into that space had me worried, scared even.

I know the feeling of being scared to do something uncomfortable.

What was once comfortable had become very uncomfortable.

Frightening even.

Maybe you’re scared to leave your current job.

Maybe your scared to confront a friend.

Maybe your scared to get in the gym.

Or maybe your scared to change up your nutrition or hire a coach.

We are scared of something.

But I can promise you this….

Whatever you are scared of, is exactly what you need to do.

Have that conversation;

Apply for the job;

Ask him/ her out;

Start that side hustle;

Make the move;

Get in the gym;

Hire that coach.

For me, it was get back out there in the world.

Now granted it was a virtual event, it was EXACTLY the step I needed to take.

I needed to be seen, and heard again.

More importantly because the digital space is extremely crowded in my field right now, and the best way to combat that for me, was to step into the uncomfortable.

And it felt great.

interacting with other business owners, having conversations and expanding my reach was a simple, but profound experience I had been putting off for some time.

The biggest thing m out people put off is changing their health in some way shape or form.

And that’s the biggest mistake we can make.


Because in any other capacity: business, finances, relationships, there can and will always be other options.

But our bodies, we get just one.

One chance to get it right and to give us the best possibility to live as long as we canon this beautiful planet.

Yet its the most put off, or in most cases aren’t willing to invest in.

Your health is your wealth.

Health means many things, and for me part of my health is interaction with others.

COVID absolutely took some of that away.

To my own fault I let myself slip in a type of hibernation, only coming out with family.

So today, as scared or anxious as it made me, I did it.

And guess what.

I’m alive and well.

In fact, I can’t wait to do it again.

There are definitely other things that scare me to some extent, but after taking this first step, I’m better poised to take them on.

Whatever it is that scares you, I implore you to take that step and face it head on.

It won’t be as scary as you think, and you’ll feel so much better you did.

And If myself or MAC Fitness can help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I got you!

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