Back in the saddle again..

It was a long holiday weekend.

Maybe you ate or drank too much.

Maybe you got too much sun and are just drained today.

Have to catch up on work after the long weekend away; email, voicemails, urgent matters, etc..

So where does getting back into your exercise and nutrition routine fall in the list of priorities?

Sadly it gets pushed back for so many in lieu of the other “important” things that have to get done.

It could even get put on the back burner until the fall when the kids are back in school, yada, yada, yada.

Look there’s one simple way to get back in the swing of things: just do it.

It doesn’t have to be pretty, or perfect.

If fact it can be downright ugly, it just has to get done.

It has to make it onto the important list.


Because we can not forget that we get one of these bodies we reside in.

Just one.

So somehow I think that should make it over to the important list.

Plan your meal for tomorrow, do an at home workout, anything to get moving again intuit direction.

I’ll often get asked how do I do it, and my reply is the same.

It’s a lifestyle, so its worked into my life.

It’s also what I do for a living, so that kicks me in the behind also.

But it’s easy to put it on in the rear view until the cooler weather starts, barbecues and parties slow down and weekends get a bit less crazy.

Here’s the kicker though, the longer you wait the harder it gets, the easier it is to fall off again, only to say, “next year” or start planning your “New Years resolution.”

No it’s not easy, but it is simple.

Your body, your family and your health are counting on it.

So just get back in the saddle and put yourself, your health and your longevity first.

You got this.


Peace, love & fitness,
Matty C.

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